What is a Gig Calendar ?

One of the primary uses for the Gig Calendar is our Broker/Rep presentation Gigs. If you are a supplier you know how hard it is to get good quality meetings with buyers of major retail chains and distributors, many of our Broker/Reps have meeting where they make presentations to buyers on a regular basis. These meetings are often based on the company’s category review calendar. These meetings are placed in the form of Gigs and the Broker/Reps who have the presentation Gigs, will carry your product with them to their meetings. These meetings can be found on the Gig calendar, there is no contract, you just pay the price of the Gig. If you decide to hire the broker on a long term basis by contract that will be between you and them. Here are some of the advantages of the presentation Gigs.

  1. No contract. no long term commitments.
  2. You can evaluate the effectiveness of multiple Broker/Reps.
  3. Large choice of businesses to select from.
  4. Keep control of your marketing budget


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