Your BRAND in multiple businesses! the perfect, service platform place for natural product Suppliers to find all the services (Gigs) they need for their brand (see our ‘Product Life Cycle’ below), with special focus on green-eco friendly companies.


What is a Gig?

A gig is a job that lasts a certain period of time, often the life of a project or as long as the company has that specific need. It can be short-term and specific in length, or long-term and lasting as long as the need continues. All gigs are jobs, but not all jobs are gigs.

With gigs, we often think of the music and entertainment industry, but in today’s world this term can be applied to all types of industries and roles. It’s especially common in the creative, IT and technology fields because of the flexible employment model that accompanies the gig economy.

Because the world of work has shifted over the last 20+ years, and is continuing to change rapidly. Work looks different, and people think differently about their work.

All work is becoming more ‘gig’-like in nature, regardless of the employment structure. The traditional concept of being in one job for life is inflexible and outdated, jobs are starting to look a lot more like gigs. A gig can turn into long-term employment if that’s what both parties want.

People want new challenges, fresh ideas, and different opportunities. They no longer stay at one company, or even in one type of career for their entire work life. An individual may pursue a variety of different types of work, concurrently or one after another.

Experts predict that by 2020 as much as 40% of the workforce will be contingent (not salaried employees of a company). We’re already working in the gig economy, it’s here. How will you make it work for you?


Product Life Cycle

Listed below are some of the important milestones in your product and brands life cycle. Choose the steps that you need to launch or update your products and brand.

Product Development

You have an idea for a product or a service, and you need help with bringing it to life, use the consultancy Gigs to get pointed in the right direction.

Logo Design

You have an idea for a product or a service, and you need help with bringing it to life, use the consultancy Gigs to get pointed in the right direction.

Package Design

Your package is the probably one of, if not the most important part of your product and brand. Our designers know how to work with green ideas to make your ideas come alive.

Graphic Design

Business Cards, Sales Sheets, Banners and other essential graphic designs for your brand are essential, and should be done correctly by our designers.

Build Your Website

No product or brand is complete without a great looking and functioning website, use our Gigs to build the best site possible.

Advertise & Marketing

Get your products and brand known with the right companies and people who know how to market Green products and services.

Store Demo Sampler

A great way to drive sales in your accounts and to drive consumer awareness about your brand is to have in-store samplings and demos.

Sales & Distribution

Put your products and brand in front of the the top retailers distributors and accounts, with presentation Gigs.

Product Placement

Your product, brand or service will be presented to the best accounts & locations in the industry.

Business Variety

Your products & services will be taken to a wide variety of businesses, ex. gyms, stores, colleges, airports, stadiums, etc.

Multiple Broker/Sales Reps

Our Broker/Sales Reps & Distributors will make presentations to their top accounts carrying your products to their account meetings.

Sales & Distribution

Sell your brand directly to accounts or find new distributors or increase your current distribution.


One-time payment for presentations. A fraction of the cost of what you would normally pay for hiring a full time Broker/Sales Rep.

Presentation Gigs

Is one of the most successful categories
for Gig Juggler

Featured Presentation gigs

Gig Presentation Calendar

Broker/Sales Reps post their up-coming sales meetings with their accounts on the Gig Juggler calendar. Suppliers can then review the calendar and pay the Broker/Sales Reps to make presentations of the Suppliers products to the Broker/Sales Reps accounts. 

Supplier Testimony

“Gig Juggler provides me with Reps that are best suited for our product and our company’s values.”
Kristin Jacobs
Almond Lane

Subscription Plans

We are a green eco-friendly company with a primary focus on green ethical products and services. After registration, all Suppliers products and services will be reviewed for final approval, you will be alerted by email when approved or if we need further information about your products or services.

Do-it-yourself Juggler Plan

$ 99 monthly
  • Search Brokers/Reps data base
  • Search the Gigs data base
  • Communicate with the Brokers/Reps
  • Your products presented to the buyers accounts you select
  • Receive a feedback report

Account Manager Plan

$ 399 monthly
  • Everything in the Do-it-yourself Plan
  • Your own personal Account Manager
  • We help select the Broker/Reps to suit your products & services
  • We work with the Broker/Reps to choose the best Gigs (accounts) to present your products too.
  • Broker/Reps Management
  • Help develop a distribution network
  • Help with selection of brand marketing
  • Assist in new account documents
  • Phone and live chat support

Ultimate Juggler Plan

$ 999 monthly
  • Everything in the Account Manager Plan
  • Manage invoicing & payment collection from accounts.

Your money is held in escrow until the Gig is completed!

You money is fully protected as it is held in escrow. Once you are satisfied with your purchase and/or service given, then you can release the money to the service provider (Broker).