Matter of Health, Health Nuts, Food for Health, Food Lib – Presentations: Health & Beauty, Supplements

Presenter: Scott Ross

Categories: Health & Beauty, Supplements

The Opportunity:

  1. Matter of Health 72st – 1 Store  
  2. Matter of Health 77st – 1 Store  
  3. Health Nuts 64st – 1 Store  
  4. Food for Health – 1 Store 
  5. Food LIB – 1 Store 

Locations: New York


1. About Matter of Health 72st:

A Matter of Health provides you with the finest quality fresh, natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, body care products and health information in a fun, comfortable, clean, and safe environment. Your doorway to total health

High Quality Supplements. Homeopathic Remedies. Natural Health & Beauty Care. Natural Groceries, Household Products, Pet Care . Organic Juice Bar, Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free Food, Soups , Stews , Toss to Order Salad, Pizza , Cakes & Desserts, Fresh Fruits, Vegetables.

2. About Matter of Health 77st:

A Matter of Health is a fine health food store established since 1989 rated excellent by zagat for quality, selection and prices.specializing in high quality supplements ,homeopathy,herbs ,large selection of natural and gluten free foods ,and other special need products ,organic produce,organic juice bar and much more in staff health care professional,very friendly and knowledgeable team that treat their customers like family.


3. About Health Nuts 64st:

We are a health food chain that opened our first store in 1971 with the hope of bringing healthy preservative free food to our neighbors. What started with an idea turned into a dream and became a reality. We were pioneers of the natural food movement in New York from when only ‘nuts’ thought about pure and simple preservative free food. Hence ‘ The Health Nuts’ was born.

Over these past 45 years we have seen the transformation of the natural food industry from the public’s original bare awareness to it’s present vital concern, and we are so proud that we were part of it. Now the bar has been raised and we are again part of this cutting edge trend to provide certified organic food, as well as raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, non-GMO products, to mention a few among many others.

We believe that the trend to keep the integrity of our food will continue to be a wonderful journey, and we invite you, our customers, to join us in this exciting endeavor.


4. About Food for Health:   

Food for Health, Inc. provides the Upper East Side with healthy alternatives to the conventional grocery stores in the area. At Food For Health, shoppers can find an organic or natural version for all of their shopping needs, as well as organic produce and dairy products.


  5. About Food Liberation:   

Shop for health food, vitamins, minerals and more. We are committed in helping our customers maintain the best of health by offering wider varieties of healthier food choices.


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