Downtown Natural, Markowa Pharm, Natural Vitamins, Forces of Nature – Presentations: Health & Beauty, Supplements

Presenter: Scott Ross

Categories: Health & Beauty, Supplements

The Opportunity:

  1. Downtown Natural Queens – 1 Store  
  2. Markowa Pharmacy – 1 Store  
  3.  Natural Vitamins – 1 Store  
  4. Forces of Nature – 1 Store 
  5. Downtown Natural Brooklyn – 1 Store 

Locations: New York


1. About Downtown Natural Queens:

We are an independently and locally owned and operated business, dedicated to providing organic and natural foods, fresh organic produce, vitamins and supplements and a fresh Juice bar to the local community.


2. About Markowa Pharmacy:

Medications, Prescriptions, Herbs, Vitamins, Cosmetics, and much more! Health is a source of happiness and success. One should remember to respect it and take care of it every single day. “Markowa Apteka Pharmacy” staff is a group of professionals with experience in helping their patients and make sure they stay healthy, fit, and happy. The main goal of Markowa Pharmacy is to guide its patients, give ideas, and educate them on how to overcome various health issues, keep good condition for a long time and avoid, prevent many dangerous diseases. Edward Stanley, a former British Prime Minister and aristocrat once said, “Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness,” which is a perfect summarization of the above statements. Additionally, you are more than welcome to visit the “Markowa Apteka Pharmacy” website through which you can order various medications and supplements. Thanks to this website you will be able to save your valuable time (because why not relax with your friends or family instead of standing in line?) and of course, money (all medications are very reasonably priced!). For the last two years, many patients, very often weak and struggling with serious diseases, have been leaving this pharmacy with big smile on their faces, thanks to the friendly, family, and amazing atmosphere of the pharmacy. Markowa Apteka Pharmacy staff creates a pleasant environment and makes sure everyone is well taken care of.


Established in 2012.

“Markowa Apteka Pharmacy” was established in 2012. It’s been a very successful and fruitful time. The pharmacy has gained hundreds of pleased patients who have also became this pharmacy’s friends and supporters. “Markowa Apteka Pharmacy” has been actively flourishing because of the efforts of its friendly and hard-working founders and owners, Mark and Yong, who have been friends and partners for many years now. A very interesting fact about “Markowa Apteka Pharmacy” is that many patients, who currently live in different districts of New York, are ready to drive/travel a long distance only to see Mark, Yong and their friendly staff and get valuable, professional advice and help.


3. About Natural Vitamins:

New York’s #1 and MOST TRUSTED Supplement Store.
Store-front that has been in business for over 40 years. Providing NY with the best customer-service available with a knowledgeable staff the consists of Licensed, Registered, Certified and NPC Competitors as well as one of the LARGEST IN-STORE inventory with the BEST and LOWEST prices GUARANTEED !!! We strive in providing the best service available as well as the lowest prices out there from any other retailers as well as e-commerce site. Come on down to our 2,000 Square Foot Location and walk around our 17 Aisles with DIZZYING FLOOR to CEILING Inventory of ALL your TOP SELLING Supplements.

We also are very proud to offer you Iridology appointments by two Iridologists, Registered/N.D. one who has over 37 years of experience in the field and the other who has is an Iridologist/Sclerologist registered in NY and other states.

In the up-coming months we will also once again start to service you all again with Hydro-Therapy Colonics with the latest state of the art equipment as well as Certified/Registered Hydro-Therapy Colonic Specialist.

We offer you a wide selection of VITAMINS, MINERAL, HERBS, HOMEOPATHICS REMEDIES, some Polish imported cosmetics as well as Organic cosmetics and the LARGEST selection of BODY BUILDING SUPPLEMENTS available with the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED !!!

NVNY also now sponsors athletes in many catagories.

BJJ – TEAM Natural Vitamins sponsors many Brazilian Jiu-Jistsu fighters in LOTUS (Queens) from the professor (Eduardo Santos) a 2nd Degree Black-Belt to many other fighter at Lotus.

Body Building – TEAM Natural Vitamins sponsors IFBB Pros as well as other body building athletes seeking to reach there main goal of turning Pro and competing in the NPC/IFBB*.

Boxing – Team Natural Vitamins also sponsors a amatuer Heavy Weight and in current talks with other amature boxers.

For any inquireies regarding joining TEAM Natural Vitamins (TEAM NVNY) call us and ask for Serge for details.

*Natural Vitamins has become a corner-stone in the Body Building Industry sponsoring shows (Brooklyn NPC Grand Pix) as well has holding its own In-store IFBB Pros signing events twice a year that in the coming year will become an EXPO NPC santioned, as well as branded its name Natural Vitamins New York to assorted clothing.

Natural Vitamins also offers affiliation to other businesses as we currently do, and now have other store in which we at NO COST affiliate ourselfs with to help do better buy-ins and help compete with chained-stores and unite with other mom & pop stores as ourselves. Any other business who is interested feel free to call us and ask for Serge for more information.


4. About Forces of Nature:   

Visit us in Brooklyn and shop for health food, vitamins, minerals and more. Forces of Nature is your source for organic food, nutraceuticals, supplements and other health boosting products sourced from the most trusted suppliers.

We are committed in helping our customers maintain the best of health possible by offering wider varieties of healthier food choices.

Now that you can shop at Forces of Nature, there’s no excuse for eating unhealthy food again just because they’re easily accessible. Here, you can actually make a choice to be healthier by changing the way you eat.

We hope to see you soon. Shop at Forces of Nature!


 5. About Downtown Natural Brooklyn:   

This affordable, local health food shop boasts aisles of vitamins, tonics, teas, health foods, and informational books. The back of the store has a modest smoothie menu and a vegan lunch buffet. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Not to be missed while in Downtown Brooklyn.


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