E-commerce Sales for Valfleuri

  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • Project LevelMedium Level
  • Project deadlineJune 28, 2021

Project detail

Valfleuri is looking for E-commerce Sales throughout North America




Do you have Gigs for this Supplier? Please examine the information carefully about this Supplier and make sure it is a Supplier you want to present to your accounts and insure you have the correct category buyers for the brand. There are additional Supplier documents attached.

Company Name: Valfleuri

Category: Grocery

Opening Deal: 15%

Shipping Method: Direct

Website: http://www.valfleuri.fr/


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1) Name of Presenter:

2) Name of Company (Brand) you want to present:

3) Category of Product(s) Presenting:

4) Why will your Gig(s) be a good fit for this Supplier?

5) What is the estimated date you will be able to do the presentation?

6) Have you read the ingredients for each product(s)?

7) Have you reviewed the pricing for each product(s)?

8) Do you think their margins are appropriate for your accounts?

9) Have you considered the shipping methods or lack thereof, and are you comfortable with it?

10a) How many Gigs do you have for this Supplier?

b) Paste the URLs link below:

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Project Completion deadline

June 28, 2021