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Product Life Cycle

Listed below are some of the important milestones in a Suppliers product and brands life cycle.      FREELANCERS are involved in every step needed to launch or update a Suppliers product and brand.

step 1

Product Development

Suppliers have an idea for a product or a service, and they need help with bringing it to life, they can use the Freelancers Gigs to get pointed in the right direction.

step 2

Logo design

Suppliers logo is their calling card for their company, it should stand out and be memorable to prospects and clients.

step 3

Package design

Suppliers package is probably one of, if not the most important part of their product and brand. Our Freelancer designers know how to work with green ideas to make their ideas come alive.

step 4

Graphic Design

Business Cards, Sales Sheets, Banners and other essential graphic designs for a suppliers brand are essential, and should be done correctly by our Freelancer designers.

step 5

Build Your Website

No product or brand is complete without a great looking and functioning website, use Freelancer Gigs to build the best site possible.

step 6

Advertise & Marketing

Get Suppliers products and brand known with the right companies, and Freelancers who know how to market Green products and services.

step 7

Store Demo Sampler

Freelancers are a great way to drive sales in a suppliers accounts and to drive consumer awareness about their brand is to have in-store samplings and demos.

step 8

Sales & Distribution

Suppliers products and brand in front of the top retailers distributors and accounts, with presentation Gigs.

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  • Enthusiastic and passionate about working with green-eco companies.
  • A professional attitude with excellent negotiation & communication skills.       
  • Ability to interact with tact and professionalism with customers, vendors, management.      
  • Ability to plan and organize time effectively, without being micromanaged & to meet customers timely needs.      
  • Ability to work well and adapt to a constantly changing environment.        
  • Must maintain a high standard of integrity and work ethics.