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Our Story

The Gig Juggler story began with Freelancers and Broker/Reps who wanted a better alternative to the myriad of commission-based Rep and Freelancer websites, that fall short of really offering ways to bring Freelancers and Companies together. The company was born out of the natural products industry in the USA, which focus largely on green companies who offer products and services that make the planet a better place.  We are a marriage of the traditional Freelancer website with a Broker/Rep website, by combing the two we have created a platform second to none in getting the Gig (job) done.

A Unique Approach

The idea of Gigs is not unique, but the combining of Gigs with our Gig Calendars makes it exceptional. Our Freelancers can post their scheduled meetings with buyers on the Gig calendar, and our buyers can purchase a spot in these meetings. One example how the Gig calendar can be used, is a Broker/Rep may have a meeting with a large retailer or distributer to show products, he would sell the meeting as a Gig, he can then carry your product to the meeting as well. You can be creative with your own Gigs, such as scheduled webinars, YouTube cooking classes etc.


They are the Freelancers, they range from designers, web developers, accountants, cooks, broker/reps and many, many more, they post their Gigs (jobs) for the buyers to see and purchase.


Buyers are companies and/or people who need work done from all sorts of businesses, they can browse the available Gigs (jobs) posted by the sellers, or they can post requests for jobs they need done. The sellers can then search these requests to make offers.

Gig Juggler Purpose To connect green businesses with Freelancers of like-mind, who care for this planet and care about what they buy and sell.